Filmed at The Historic Harris House

The Historic Harris House has been the setting for feature films, music videos, reality television, online shows, photo sets, and more. Below are a few samples of productions that have been filmed here as well as a partial credit list.

Feature Film
Take Me (2017)

This dark comedy about a kidnapper for hire stars Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black). The production brought their own furniture and decor so the house interior looks quite different from its usual appearance.

William Patrick Corgan
The Spaniards (2017)

The short film and music video Pillbox by Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Linda Strawberry was filmed here. The music video The Spaniards uses excerpts from Pillbox.

Merrell Twins
The Haunted House Contract (2017)

Youtube stars The Merrell Twins shot their Halloween Special at the Harris House. The entire show takes place at night but was shot mostly during daylight hours.

Credits (Partial)

Take Me (Feature Film)
Billy Corgan – Pillbox (Film and Music Video)
The Spaniards (Music Video)
In Search Of (Television Series)
Benjamin Booker (Album Photo Shoot)
The Ouija Exorcism (Feature – Horror)
Making History – Charity Folks (Documentary Series)
Merrell Twins – The Haunted House Contract (YouTube Channel)
Heed The Call (Short Film)
The Harrowing (Short Film)
Dark/Web (Series – Horror)
How to Get a Boyfriend (Short Film)
Mortimer’s Search for the Fluffy Fur (Short Film)
Nightkeeper (Short Film)
Surreal Estates (Pilot)
This Is My Home (Short Film)
Stay (Short Film)
Regurgitator (Short Film)
Loey Lane – Paranormal Story Time (YouTube Channel)
Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood – Stevie J Directs a Photoshoot (Reality TV – VH1 & Penthouse)
The Frames (Short Film)
Beyond Cornfield St (Short Film)
Goodbye My Dear (Short Film)
Ultio (Short Film)
The Letters (Short Film)
The Theory of Optimal Control (Short Film)
Window (Short Film)
Get Lost (Short Film)
The English Lesson (Short Film)
The Neighbors (Short Film)