The Historic Harris House – A Victorian / Craftsman Filming Location – Built in 1902

Are you looking for a filming location that has high production value, is nearby, and is affordable? The Historic Harris House just might fit the bill! It has starred in music videos, feature films, commercials, and its next role could be in your production!

Arrange a scout to see why its the perfect setting for horror, period pieces, and as a stand-in for a grand old house in Everytown, U.S.A.

High Production Value

The Historic Harris House is a 1902 Victorian residence that is available for film and television, location rental.

The large home features a unique architectural style called Victorian Transitional which is a mashup of Victorian and Craftsman styles. The house’s design makes it a versatile setting for a wide variety of projects, time-periods, and geographic locations. It’s a favorite for horror, mystery, period, and other productions that need an unusual and ornate space to film in. There is even a finished brick basement that you can film in — a rarity in Los Angeles!

The exterior of the home remains virtually unchanged since its original construction and the heavily wooded lot makes it feel like it’s a world away from the city of Los Angeles. The house is listed on the Glendale Register of Historic Resources.

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A Beautiful Filming Location

From a haunted house, to a Midwestern farm house, to a Victorian mansion, The Historic Harris house can play many roles. Consider some of these features:

  • Well-Appointed Interiors
  • Two Stories Plus External Garage and Driveway
  • Plaster Walls with 12′ Ceilings (1st Floor)
  • Original Plaster Walls (2nd Floor)
  • Ornate Woodwork and Built-Ins
  • Historical and Eclectic Furnishings
  • Boarding House Style Bathroom (circa 1940’s)
  • Original Brick Basement W/Cement Floor
  • Crawlspaces Below and Throughout The House
  • Large Lot With Mature Trees
  • Close to Hollywood, Burbank, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena

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Easy to Work With

We’ve worked with film and television crews of all sizes and we know the ins-and-outs of shooting at our location. We can make the experience of filming at The Historic Harris House seamless, easy, and a great experience for your cast and crew!

The Historic Harris House is the perfect location to stage your next:

  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Music Video
  • Photoshoot
  • Student Thesis (special rates for student productions)
  • Special Event

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The Historic Harris House c. 1902