Filmed at The Historic Harris House

The Historic Harris House has been the location for feature films, music videos, reality television, online shows, photo sets, and more. The house has had many roles as a film set including: a haunted mansion, a kidnapper’s lair, a fraternity, a 1940’s home, a 1910’s home, a 1920’s bordello, a house in Texas, a Saudi government office, a boarding house, a sorority, a school for girls, an apartment building interior, an artist’s home, a hotel interior, a mountain cabin interior, a Midwestern home, a plantation interior, a 1980’s living room, an antique collector’s home, a 1800’s mansion interior, a fraternity, and much more!

Below are a few samples of productions that have been filmed here as well as a partial credit list.

Isaac Dunbar – Apartment A (Music Video)

During a university’s pledge week, the carefree partying turns deadly serious when a star athlete is found murdered in his dorm.

Initiation (Feature)

During a university’s pledge week, the carefree partying turns deadly serious when a star athlete is found murdered in his dorm.

The Final Wish (Feature)

After his father’s death, a man returns home to help his grief-stricken mother. Going through his dad’s belongings, he comes across a mysterious item that is more than it seems.

Mommy Would Never Hurt You (Lifetime Original)

A creepy thriller about a mother and her two daughters.

Good Charlotte
Actual Pain (Music Video)

Music video that depicts a boy’s relationship with his mother.

Credits (Partial)

One Day Die (Livestream Show)
Purity Ring (Photoshoot)
Dazed – Timothée Chalamet (Photoshoot)
Twisted Love (Television)
The Unxplained (Television)
Bad Wolves Killing Me Slowly (Music Video)
Initiation (Feature Film)
The Great (Photo Shoot)
Miss FD Vagaries (Music Video)
BoxLunch Nightmare Before Christmas (Look Book Photo shoot)
Bottle Monster (Feature Film)
A&E Psychic Kids (Television)
Smosh (Youtube Show)
America’s Got Talent – The Sentimentalists Interview and Vignette (Television)
Detroit Cycles (Feature Film)
The Apparition (Short Film)
The Vision of Sonia Greene (Feature Film)
Jason Charles Miller Running (Music Video)
Knife Corp (Feature Film)
Dolls (Feature Film)
The Victim (Short Film)
Landfill (Short Film)
Mommy Would Never Hurt You (Lifetime Feature)
Pin Up Girl Clothing: Scream Queens (Photo Shoot)
Kulick (Music Video)
Monster Mysteries (Television Series)
MeUndies (Photo Shoot)
$teven Cannon Mansion (Music Video)
Who’s Stalking Me? (Lifetime Feature)
Funny or Die: Bottled Water Can Ruin Your Life (Commercial)
Dispel (Short Film)
Alone (Feature Film)
Fanatic (Feature Film)
The Final Wish (Feature Film)
The Purse (Short Film)
Stormy Daniels (Commercial)
Good Charlotte – Actual Pain (Music Video)
Nineties News (Television Series)
Take Me (Feature Film)
Billy Corgan – Pillbox (Film and Music Video)
Billy Corgan – The Spaniards (Music Video)
The Strangers: Prey At Night – Mitu Promo
In Search Of: Aliens (The History Channel – Television Series)
Benjamin Booker – Witness (Album Photo Shoot)
The Ouija Exorcism (Feature – Horror)
Making History – Charity Folks (Documentary Series)
Merrell Twins – The Haunted House Contract (YouTube Channel)
Heed The Call (Short Film)
The Harrowing (Short Film)
Dark/Web (Series – Horror)
How to Get a Boyfriend (Short Film)
Mortimer’s Search for Mr. Fluffy Fur (Short Film)
Nightkeeper (Short Film)
Surreal Estates (Pilot)
This Is My Home (Short Film)
Stay (Short Film)
Regurgitator (Short Film)
Loey Lane – House Tour – Haunted as Heck Edition (YouTube Channel)
Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood – Stevie J Directs a Photoshoot (Reality TV – VH1 & Penthouse)
The Frames (Short Film)
Beyond Cornfield St (Short Film)
Goodbye My Dear (Short Film)
Ultio (Short Film)
The Letters (Short Film)
The Theory of Optimal Control (Short Film)
Window (Short Film)
Get Lost (Short Film)
The English Lesson (Short Film)
The Neighbors (Short Film)


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